Can you trust . me

CYT is a baby project for people dealing with the medical sector.

You will find an Index of web personalities (spoonies*, doctors, medstudents, people concerned about various minorities) and an other Index of associations will be develop.

Can You Trust may be a collaborative website with a gallery (incoming) for those who prefer to draw, with articles/actualities/etc. that you can suggest directly, feel free to contact us.

The main focus is to make known great ressources from great people who can help you if you or your relatives are facing health problems, if you want work or are working in the health sector, if you want exchange about your medical appointements or if you suffer from discrimination as a minority.
Our goal is also to push the medical sector to be more open mind about how to deal with minorities and their patients who want to inform themselves on the web.
It’s not and never will be about self-diagnosis.

In other words, we want to improve the relationship between caregivers & care receivers.

*the word « Spoonie » can be used for a person who lives with a chronic illness
(refers to the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino).