What does it look like to be agender

Before everything else, being agender is to be transgender.
Being transgender is when the gender identity assigned at birth doesn’t correspond to who you are.

To be trans is to feel dysphoria.
Feeling of gender dysphoria is the incompatibility between your identity and your body, your name or how others perceive you when they can’t or don’t want to see who you really are.

Agender is a word for which the text editor give us a red squiggly underline.
It’s not in everyday language, not yet.

To be agender or neutrois means that one doesn’t identify to any gender.
This gender, or more exactly, this absence of gender is part of non-binary gender transidentities (neither 100% feminine nor 100% masculine).

Being agender, as far as I am concerned, is over all dysphoria since early childhood.
Then the inability to find words in my mother language to express my identity.

I have a heavy incomprehension and revolt against the statutes of men and women, patriarchy, sexism, education, the invisibility of non-binary and intersex.
Basically, to a majority of our manners.

My ideal gender expression is an androgynous appearance.

Dress, manhood, makeup, six pack or waxing are words that are not associated with a gender.
In any case, not by me.

To be agender is to be invisible, ignored, denied.

It’s too early to be agender.
To be agender is to be the precursor of a revolution for which the world is not prepared.

Agender people are not represented on the media.
Many other minorities have gone through this, and it’s to be hoped that they will be after some time.
As binary transgender (F/M) people are today in rare and good series.
[Not to mention: Orange is the new black, Sense 8, The fosters, …]

Over the years, public figures involved in the MOGAI* brief have been growing.
To finally discover an agender person; Angel Haze.
Sacred good rap, by the way.

Educating others is a selfish, slow, long, painful and often unsuccessful process.
But that is the basis.
Defining terms; transgender, dysphoria, non-binary, …
Introduce name (Charly), pronoun (they/them), agreements (masculine or neutral) changes, …

Faculties of medicine are teeming with non-concerned students.
People are deeply transphobic, homophobic as well.
Never have I heard such violent speeches about us as told by my future colleagues at university.

Being transgender means suffering from incompetence and transphobia of our health professionals.
Even those who are supposed to help us will often behave the opposite way to that appropriate in our presence. Except that special someone.

Certainly, today, in the eyes of the world, I do not exist.

Whether you want to hear it or not.
We are what we are, one day, it will be known.

We’ll have a good scream and then we’ll celebrate with Angel.

And when I become a doctor, count on me to be that special someone.

Do not hesitate to replace the word agender by other minorities of MOGAI spectrum

* MOGAI: Marginalized Orientations, Genders Identities & Intersex

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