Doctors talks side effects

You are really close to have left hemiplegia. “

Maybe if she had tried to explain why she said that, it could have been fine.
But she was agressive, authoritarian and screaming at me.
For the first and the last time of my life, I cried in front of a doctor (and her trainee).
I was 23 and so angry i couldn’t talk. It was three years ago.

Her aim was to convince me to take stronger drugs cause my treatment wasn’t working.

It resulted to one year without putting one of my toe at hospital.
No doctors, no MRI, no blood test, no treatment.

I went back at hospital in an other city with a new doctor.
One year later, despite my efforts to transfer my medical file, she didn’t know my case.

She puts mistakes in my file about the relapses I had before I met her.
She was harassing me to know if I was taking my treatment.
I didn’t fail once to take this one but she never believed me.

When she realized I wasn’t reponsive to the new drug.
She introduced me the other options I had.
But she only told me about what she wants to sell to me.
And we didn’t have a real talk about the huge side effects that can occur.

Third hospital, fourth neurologist, I appreciate him.

One day, he explained me that people have different feelings to similar lesions.
Like a variable tolerance’s threshold.
And if I had so much symptoms, it’s because I’m payed to much attention to my body.
What is suppose to mean? It’s the best thing to say to generate guilt.

When I try to act normaly despite my health conditions, it’s getting worst.

How can I ignore I need 15 seconds and all my brain functions to close a water bottle ?

Dear Spoonies,
Build a shield and protect yourself the best you can.
Numerous people have to go through the same experiences at hospital.
You can find support, you are not alone.

Dear people of the medical sector,
You shouldn’t speak unless you are sure about what you are going to say.
It’s impossible to know how a sentence can impact a life.
But please don’t forget that you have an impact, not always the one you were searching.

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